It’s time to change your prejudice

I’m very surprised that still many people are wondering if violocello da spalla (or viola da spalla, viola di spala, violocello piccolo, etc.) is an invention by Dmitry Badiarov or not!

(I received lot of mail…)

Nooooooo! 😂
It is not his invention!
Dmitry made a great resarch in the past and I’m grateful for him but today you can find also many other amazing scientific study on shoulder cello, too.

Please wake up!
I strongly recommend to not go to rumour or gossip but go to listen to scientific resarch!

If you don’t want to go to scientific thinking you’ll probably lose a big chance. Because there is a great unexplored field of music with Spalla.

My friend clients are starting to benefit those opportunity as pioneer in Japan. Why not in your country or region? ✨